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Psychology Services

Kenfield Walters Intl LLC is an Industrial-Organizational and Management Consulting Psychology Firm specializing in Comprehensive Psychology Services for businesses and individuals that identify and defuse disruptive events.

Micro Aggression in the Organization

It's no secret that subtle forms of micro aggression surface continuously in daily business transactions from the Board Room to the plant floor. Whether aggression is a subtle undertone, such as racial tension and harassment, or confined to an obvious case of supervisor-supervisee conflict, assessing problems and forming action plans restores morale and employee performance. Kenfield Walters Intl LLC has been providing evaluation and performance improvement plans for at-work and disabled employees for more than four decades.

Executive Stress and Strategic Management

Kenfield Walters Intl LLC began as a two-fold entity. Rooted in Industrial-Organizational and Clinical Psychology research and practice, the firm's services have been utilized successfully by leaders in a range of industries. The founder, Dr. Judith Walters, is a published researcher in the field of workplace structure and behavioral interventions for productivity enhancement. Change never ends and, as technologies come and go across industrial sectors...and as the characteristics of the workforce evolve, KWI is here to support executives in the principles and practices of sound leadership and organizational health.

TheTroubled or Disabled Employee

Employees' personal troubles can surface at work and do hold potential to disrupt operations.
Likewise, disabled employees who are off-the-job on a leave of absence, or are covered under worker's compensation laws (due to an accident), can be assisted to return to work earlier if psychological services are provided in a timely manner. Issues including alcohol and prescription opioid dependence, and injury-related depression and anxiety are just a few examples of issues that can be resolved more quickly when addressed by individualized evaluation and treatment services. KWI licensed providers will work quickly with members of an employee's medical team to reduce absences from work.

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