A "Wide-View" Industrial/Organizational Consulting Approach

There are lots of interacting parts to consider in designing change for an organization. For example, one fundamental in growing profitability is the development of sophisticated skills in attracting and retaining talent.  Likewise, the performance of the role of CEO is crucial to providing direction, and in inspiring trust in all stakeholders, including board members, employees, and consumers.  Dr. Judith Walters is a leader in consulting in these areas.  But, Judi brings another powerful expertise to the table; she is adept at motivating people to work smarter and more responsibly--by working with members of upper management and employees across all levels of the organization--to identify and overcome challenges to greater profitability.

Organizational Performance is Enhanced By Leaders Who Are Informed in the Use of Industrial/Organizational Concepts and Tools

Our hallmark is the transfer of profit-enhancing management skills into the organization, including the ability to use the tools of work redesign to enhance contributions of producers at all levels.  

This consulting direction took hold when Judi was awarded a doctorate from the Ross School of Business at The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor after conducting field research in a Fortune 500 unionized setting on the effects of motivational work on employee attitudes and behaviors.*  Judi also studied leadership extensively while pursuing  post-graduate education in Ann Arbor.  She earned a B.A. degree from Michigan State University, East Lansing in pre-law studies including, labor law, management,  industrial relations, psychology, and the social sciences.


Industrial/Organizational Consulting: Workplace Performance Improvement Strategies

Judi has held a number of leadership positions in Fortune 15 and Fortune 100 corporations in the area of management strategizing such as, organizational structuring,  leadership development, human resources policies, recruitment, and union-management relations.  She consulted with Dr. Patrick Dolan, Harvard University, on several  large-scale, multi-locational Fortune 100 change management initiatives designed by Dr. Edward Lawler.  These initiatives engaged multiple levels of management, union officials, and workers in collaborative organizational improvement programs. 

Profit Growth Results from the Learning Process

In focusing on upgrading work process, employees grow new skills and assume new responsibilities for self-managing a continuous   improvement process, and for the quality of the outcomes produced. 

The insertion of a series of in-process measurement markers   provides real- time quantitative feedback from changes to task factors.  Your bottom line is the ultimate report card. 

A Panoramic Point of View

Our approach to profitability consulting is "panoramic." Most consultants do not include focus on the work (tasks) of the organization. We begin by evaluating tasks and task-linkages in the sequence of the identified work process. As we work with your employees, we also improve work culture, climate, and leadership skills. 

Core Functional Units: The Tasks Themselves

Kenfield Walters Intl has 

been around since 1984.  Early on, we called ourselves, "Management Designers."  That's still a good name.  We concentrate on driving productivity through redesigning the work itself.   We like this approach to profit improvement; it "works," and it respects and conserves your valuable resources. We are efficient and, yes, 

we are experts.