Industrial/Organizational Psychology and the Work Itself

Understanding the importance of attracting, motivating and retaining key personnel is central to role of the CEO and crucial to inspiring stakeholder trust and to maintaining a positive public image. Judi holds a doctorate from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Ross Graduate School of Business Administration. She is a published researcher in the fields of Leadership, Labor Relations, and Industrial/Organizational Consulting. Dr. Walters earned a B.A. from Michigan State University, East Lansing, in pre-law, Labor and Industrial Relations.  She has held management positions in four Fortune 100 corporations in Organizational and Leadership Development, Human Resources, and  Labor Relations. She has consulted with Dr. Patrick Dolan, Harvard University, in enhancing union-management relations in three major industrial corporations. Dr. Walters is a fully Licensed Psychologist in the state of Michigan in practice for more than 30 years.

Leadership Coaching is Enhanced Through the Application of Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Leadership happens within a particular corporate context and climate, and is the process of influencing others to agree on a shared purpose, and to work together to achieve shared objectives.  Judi brings depth to the executive advisory role through a multidisciplinary background and more than ten years of Fortune 100 management experiences.

Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Workplace Performance Measures

Counter productive work behavior can be defined as executive behavior that conflicts with the attainment of the organization's goals and objectives.  A multifaceted assessment approach can be used to identify, understand and address behaviors adverse to the progress of the organization, or even the safety of employees.  Using a range of individual and group assessment instruments, our consultants can identify and address issues related to Interpersonal conflict, personal problems,  job performance deficits, absenteeism, turnover, and workplace climate. 


Nothing in an organization happens in a vacuum. You bring a problem, and as Industrial/Organizational Consultants, we draw on diverse fields of practice to create a solution.  

Nothing Motivates Like Good Change!

In organizational work, change is the coin of the realm.  We prepare your people by involving them in decisions that affect their own work performance. Interaction promotes innovation. Innovation equals profits.

How We Close a Deal...

Kenfield Walters Intl has been around and progressing since 1989.  Our firm excels in work experience and results, education, and great treatment of our clients. We make your best interest, our best interest.